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The Seasons Of My Life

When my career of 25 years in the business world came to an end through ill health in 1997, I never dreamed that the Art Therapy I was introduced to in hospital, would change the course of my life!

I was at the peak of my career travelling throughout Australia and the World to various meetings and conferences, when I suffered six fairly minor strokes, a brain bleed followed by a three mental breakdowns over the following months. I was then diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder....I felt I was in the Winter of Life!

I had never picked up a pencil or paintbrush, and as far as I was concerned I had no artistic promise.
Whilst in the Joondalup Mental Health Unit, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to create part of a mosaic mural.  However, I was somewhat disappointed when the teacher conducting the Art Therapy Sessions said my work just wasn’t up to scratch.....and I would have to try again .... and try I did!

On leaving hospital, my two daughters bought me a course in mosaics - and from that moment I wanted to be the best that I could be! The door closed on my professional life, and a new door opened! To me, .... the Season of Spring, was just around the corner.

I spent my days producing large but intricate designs in mosaics for tables, murals and water features.  and I found whatever my mood, whether high or low, I could create something beautiful. Three years later quite by chance I was introduced to the world of kiln-fired glass and I developed a new passion and I have never looked back!  Summer had come!

I never stop learning and just love passing on the knowledge I have gained to others through Workshops at our Studio. I have studied different methods of working with glass with several International renowned glass artists- Judi Elliot, Brenda Page, Steven Klein, Catherine Newell, Narcissus Quagliata, Bob Leatherbarrow, Ruth McCullum-Howell and Marc Leib.  My husband Eric works alongside me, maintaing my glass tools and machinery, building new display stands and helps with cutting glass for the larger projects.... and more!

I have had several solo and group exhibitions and I am thrilled to learn that my glass creations are now gracing homes in several different countries around the world and several pieces have been selected by Government Departments for corporate gifts.

I am particularly thrilled and priveliged to have been asked by the renowned indigenous artist John "Marlba" Beck to reproduce in glass, the icons from his extraordinary canvases. During 2009 we exhibited together at "The Meeting Place"along with painters George and Helen Hayward at the Hayward Studios and then in 2010 John "Marlba" Beck and I had an exciting and most successful exhibition "From Jabiru to Glass". Each Exhibition that I have had, has enabled me to meet others who love art and would just like to try their hand at creating something that is unique to them .... and maybe that's you too!

Forty years ago, I met an American Lady who quoted a well-known saying "In every adversity there are the seeds of a greater benefit"- how true that is! “I never stop learning and just love passing on the knowledge I have gained to others. I now have my own studio in Wanneroo - north of Perth and run Workshops in Dichroic Jewellery, Kiln-Fired Glass, Glass Fusions, Mosaic Art, and 'Mosaics For Kids'.

The Seasons of Life for me, still come and go.  For as surely as Summer comes, Autumn and Winter follows - with Spring coming up again behind!

Member of Ausglass - The Australian Association of Glass Artists                         Member of MAANZ - The  Mosaic Artists of Australia and New Zealand

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